Registered Agent Service

Registered Agent Service

We can be your Registered Agent in California:

What is an “agent for service of process” and who can be such an agent?
An agent for service of process is an individual who resides in California, or a corporation, designated to accept service of process (court and/or legal papers) if the business entity is sued for any reason.

If a corporation is designated as agent for service of process, the corporation must have a 1505 form on file with the Secretary of State of California.

Can my business entity be its own agent for service of process?
A business entity cannot act as its own agent for service of process.

We (APFSS) must file your documents for you. We will fill in our agent information and submit the filing for you ourselves. We cannot be your agent if we are not aware of your business filing. If we are served with court papers and/or legal papers on your behalf as being the registered agent on file and you were not authorized or did not pay for the service to us at A Preferred Filing & Search Services, Inc., then we will decline the paperwork and take any legal actions necessary. All litigation and/or processing fees for such matter will not be absorbed by A Preferred Filing & Search Services, Inc. and/or any staff, officers and directors of A Preferred We are a nationwide, full service company. Please inquire within for all other jurisdictions and or services. Filing & Search Services, Inc.

Our APFSS fee for acting as Registered Agent is $215.00 for the first year and $200.00 each year thereafter in California only.
We are a nationwide, full service company. 
 Please inquire for all other jurisdictions and/or services. 
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S.M.A.R.T. System
Utilize our superior account portfolio tracking and management system to avoid late or missed filing dates. Our SMART (Sophisticated Management of Accurate Records & Transactions) system will automatically update filings or follow up on critical records that can otherwise be forgotten. 

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