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Our mission at A Preferred Filing & Search Services, Inc. is to give exceptionally accurate, customizable – yet affordable service to all our clients.

Too many times, we hear how frustrated a new client is in working with a particular government agency in their attempts to seek answers to their most important questions of a new business venture they are pursuing or concerns and questions with their existing business.

We help to guide them in the right direction to seek such answers or simply knowing the procedural steps and full process brings back the joy they first had but was stripped away in their initial talks with the government agency and/or another service company not giving them true service.

Our achievements in operating a successful business in the public records research industry have come in a few different beliefs. From the many years of combined employee teamwork experience and truly listening to our client’s needs and wants; to not succumbing to evils of greed and fraud when working closely with other research firms and government offices – nationwide.

We keep the HUMAN characteristics alive in our due diligence efforts all the while utilizing the many terrific facets and efficiency with high end technology.

Our unique S.M.A.R.T. System (Sophisticated Management of Accurate Records and Transactions) is known for our one of a kind reporting and management of all your time sensitive UCC and.or Business filings/annual searches and more. We are known for the above and beyond due diligence services we offer with this.
A Preferred Filing & Search Services, Inc. (APFSS, Inc.) is a S.M.A.R.T. decision for all your public records research needs. Servicing all types of Law Firms, Financial Institutions, Accounting and Tax Firms, and entrepreneurs nationwide to worldwide.

We perform all types of Corporate/LLC/LP business filings and document retrieval. Nationwide state and county UCC financial, tax lien, judgment, suit litigation records. Top of the line, worldwide affiliates help to provide accurate and timely account management for all your business loans and portfolios. We are known for our friendly, above and beyond personal service and our wide variety of customizable S.M.A.R.T. system (Sophisticated Management of Accurate Records & Transactions) reports.
APFSS, Inc. was founded in 1995 and based minutes from the beautiful California State Capitol building. We enjoy working with all our different clitentelle base. We are known for our above and beyond quality of service. APFSS performs due diligence, in-house reports for all our clients utilizing our S.M.A.R.T. system (Sophisticated Management of Accurate Records & Transactions) on a regular basis. This is to help you manage and bring any and all potential concerns in the many aspects of the industry. Our team is geared and trained in helping give you peace of mind with your loan portfolio or account management and tracking performances. UCC’s ready to expire, Annual Reports or Corporate Statements of Information due, Tax Payment Verification, accounts due for state and/or county UCC, Fixtures, State and Federal Tax Liens, Judgments, Suits, Bankruptcy and more. Our high quality, long term, nationwide affiliates know what we expect from search results and we customize many of our reports to your needs. Our own in-house due diligence reports track our results against your own in-house tracking and we have been hero’s to many of our clients – in saving potentially harmful situations to the individual, the business entrepreneur, or the lenders/financial institutions!
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"I am an attorney in private practice in Orange County, California and I have been using A Preferred Filing & Search Services for years to handle all of my filing of important documents with the California Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento. This includes filing articles of incorporation for new corporations, articles of organization for new limited liability companies, and business dissolution documents. A Preferred always handles the matter correctly and promptly and the staff is always available to answer any questions that arise. In addition, the staff is always able to tell me how long something is likely to take and is able to give me reports on the progress of a filing as it works through the pipeline. Furthermore, A Preferred’s fees are extremely reasonable. Before I started using A Preferred, I filed documents directly with the Secretary of State’s office but things took much longer, I never knew if the SOS had even received my filing, and I never knew how long something was going to take. I no longer even consider filing important documents without A Preferred’s help."
 John L. Palmer 
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